Mobile Scan Tool diagnostics in Narrabri

Looking for a Scan tool in Narrabri? Look no further!

Not all machines are built the same, neither are Scan tools. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest, Mobile scan tool diagnostics and labscope.

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Our Mobile Scan Tool  allows us read, clear codes and diagnose faults in most late model vehicles and light trucks.                                                          Additionally we can test individual components, compare with in-depth graphing against OEM specifications, recalibrate and reprogram.

Want to check which injector is gone and how far out of spec? No worries! 
Need a new ignition barrel installed in late model car? Too Easy. 

 We are the only mobile auto electrician providing scan tool diagnostics in Narrabri currently. We welcome break down and bookings. 

 Above all our goal is to help our clients get back on the road safely 

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What is a Scan Tool?

A scan tool is a car diagnostic tool that can exhibit a wide range of features. 

Scan tools typically include a code reader, the ability to view and sort live data, and some type of knowledge base. Professional scan tools include extensive knowledge bases, diagnostic procedures, and some have built-in scopes, multimeters, and other diagnostic tools. 

The most important thing to remember, a Scan tool is only as good as the technician using it. That’s why we do extensive training regularly to keep up to date with the test technology. 

What Can a Scan Tool Do?

Scan tools are designed to interface with a car’s “on board diagnostic” system in order to facilitate the diagnostic process. 

In that way, they are a lot like car code readers. They can be plugged into an OBD-I or OBD-II socket, read and clear codes, and view data readouts from various sensors. However, scan tools go beyond that basic functionality.

Further more, a scan tool may be able to:

  • Store and play back live data
  • Graph data
  • Read both generic and manufacturer-specific trouble codes
  • Display pending codes
  • Provide trouble code definitions
  • Provide troubleshooting procedures or tips

Although the ability to read and clear codes is important, the additional functionality provided by a good scan tool can be extremely helpful in diagnosing a problem.

OBD-II vehicles, in particular, can provide an enormous amount of data from a variety of different sensors, which is why many scanners have the ability to store and play back live data.

Our high performance, mobile scan tool can individually  test and reprogram components. Call carve up auto today to talk scan tool diagnostics in Narrabri.