authorised Air Conditioning repair & service

We provide mobile auto air conditioning repairs in Narrabri & surrounds to all makes, model and type of vehicles & machine. 

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about our a/c services

We Performs All Auto Air Conditioning Repairs in Narrabri

Carve Up Auto provides high quality, reliable and affordable air conditioning repairs and Regas servicing to all makes and models of vehicles, trucks and all machinery on site, field or in the comfort of your driveway.

We are fully licenced with ARCtick and believe in upholding the values and standard in the Australian Automotive Code of Practise 2008.

Professional car air conditioning regas in narrabri. icepack mechanic narrabri nsw

what we can do

Auto Air Conditioning Repairs

  • Diagnose and Repair all air conditioning problems
  • Air Conditioning Regas Service
  • Repair climate control systems
  • Eliminate bad odours & bacteria from inside cabin
  • Repair and modify all hoses and pipes including rubber/aluminum/copper/steel
  • Condenser thermos fans
  • Cabin blower motor & fan speed resistor
  • Replace cabin filters
  • Evaporator Replacement

Auto Air Conditioning Compressors

  • We install new compressors with full manufactures warranty
  • We repair clutch coils, clutches and bearings, and compressor pulley bearings
Car air con repairs in Narrabri NSW

specialist a/c repairs

ICEPACK Truck Sleeper A/C Supply, Installation & Repair – Authorised Technician 

REDDOT & Viesa Installation & repair

  • We install Rooftop & Cabin  air conditioning systems to a large range of machinery & heavy vehicles. 

Auto Air Conditioning Custom Work

  • Additionally, we can provide a solution to suit any custom job that is required.

R134a Recovery Service 

  • We provide a mobile R134a refrigerant recovery service